Natural Nail Whitener


Color : Pink Glow Size : 10ml
SKU: 00015093
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This quick-drying nail care instantly enhances the nails by bringing out the natural pink tones, neutralizing discoloration and whitening the tips with a glossy finish.

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This nail polish camouflages discoloration in the nail whilst also giving the nails a beautiful glow in just one minute. The polish accentuates the natural pink color in the nail and nail tips appear whiter. Within one minute, the Herôme Natural Nail Whitener is dry and highlights your beautifully cared for and polished nails.

Herôme Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow Benefits:

• Nails appear whiter

• Accentuates the natural pink color of the nail

• Camouflages nail discoloration

• Gives a beautiful, bright shine

• Results within one minute

• Beautiful in combination with the Herôme Nail White Pencil

• Apply one or two layers of polish to camouflage the discoloration.

• Allow the polish to dry for at least a minute or wait until the polish has dried clear.