Keracnyl Foaming Gel & PP+ Cream Duo

This lovely bundle contains: Keracnyl Foaming Gel - Face and Body - Acne-Prone Skin 400ml + Keracnyl PP+ Anti-Blemish Cream 30ml + Free Blender

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Keracnyl Foaming Gel - Face and Body - Acne-Prone Skin:

This soap-free foaming gel enriched with Myrtacine® New Generation, gently and deeply cleanses and purifies the skin.

-38% acne lesions*
96% soothed and comfortable skin**
Clinical study conducted on 56 subjects with acne-prone skin, using the product alone or in combination with a topical or oral acne treatment.
* Helps reduce spots: - 38%. Result obtained at 28 days with 17 subjects using the product alone.
** % of satisfaction immediately after applying to the face -56 subjects.

Keracnyl PP+ Anti-Blemish Cream:

NEW: formula enriched with Celastrol, an innovative active ingredient 100% of natural origin for enhanced effectiveness.
KERACNYL PP+ favors the elimination of inflamed spots and limits the appearance of marks.

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