Maximalism is Making a Comeback


With the latest emergence of the “mob wife” aesthetic sweeping social media spaces across the globe, we are seeing less of the “clean girl” and “vanilla girl” minimalism of 2023. From our feeds to the runway, we're noticing more and more embellishments, jewels, bold colors, and unapologetic high-glam that just screams to be noticed.

It makes sense that after the past seasons of muted tones and pared-back prettiness, we’re feeling up for a refresh, and many of us are feeling pulled in the opposite direction. Want to stay on top of the freshness? Scroll on for some major inspo for your next night out or social engagement!

If you liked the sleek updos of the "clean girl/vanilla girl" aesthetic, try...


This style is great if you still want an effortless look that remains functional and no-fuss throughout the day, and it pairs well with a variety of outfits and makeup looks. It’s also a good option for a day-to-night look when you don’t have the luxury of time to touch up between engagements.

The secret to creating this look? Lots of volume. Amp up the texture and body of your hair with a root spray or dry shampoo and backcomb. The rest is up to you! Use your natural hair texture or opt for a curling or flat iron for more definition and structure, but make sure you loosen the curls with your fingers to achieve that perfectly disheveled effect.

For some extra help, we recommend:

Wella Professionals


Beurer Beauty


If you liked juicy, glossy lips, try…


Red lips have been a tried-and-true classic among makeup-wearers as fads come in and out, and there’s a reason why. There’s something that just feels powerful about sporting a ruby pout… it’s bold; it’s sexy; it’s hyper-feminine.

In order to take the look into 2024, we’re seeing more re-vamps with both matte and glossy finishes, intense pigments, and even, for the extra-daring, contrasting dark brown liner to create the “cherry cola” effect.

What’s the best way to get a photo-ready finish? Make sure your lips are smooth and well-hydrated to start. Gently exfoliate them to remove any chapping or dryness and follow with a good moisturizer, especially in this winter weather. Blot any excess from the lips if you feel like they’re too coated, and follow with a lip liner in a neutral or similar shade, or, if you’re feeling extra spicy, opt for a dark liner. Then apply your favorite red hue evenly, blot the excess and leave as-is, or finish with a gloss for a more intense shine. To fully pull it off, keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple to avoid any overkill.

Our sassy, saucy picks:

Pupa Milano


Rimmel London


If you liked latté makeup, try…


Blue is making a major comeback this season, and we’re anticipating that we’ll see more of this color everywhere in 2024, from fashion to faces.

The “cool girl” way to wear it? Keep the rest of your face neutral or monochrome and use blue as an accent around the eyes, whether it’s your mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow.

When we’re feeling blue we go for these:

Yves Saint Laurent


Pupa Milano


Bourjois Paris


If you liked velvet nails, try…


Metallics have been on the rise since 2023, but now we are seeing more amplified versions of the trend, which is spilling into the beauty scene. Think of chrome nails as the more flamboyant cousin of velvet nails: more glitz, more in your face, but still neutral enough to go with a lot of outfits.

The beauty of this trend is that it works in a variety of colors, making it super versatile if your taste is more on the neutral side, or if you prefer to go for bold colors.

Typically, the look is achieved by your nail artist using a chrome powder and gel top coat to bring out the shine. However, you can also get the look without these using a holographic or metallic polish and a high-shine top coat.

Some of the ones we’d go for:

Color Club


Sally Hansen


If you liked “tomato girl” or “strawberry girl” makeup try…


“Post romantic” trends are gaining more and more circulation, giving a nod to the club kids of the 80’s new romantics with a modern take. Summer’s “strawberry girl” and “tomato girl” saw emphasized blush around the cheekbones and nose, creating a more flushed look. This fresher take builds off the trend but takes on a campier vibe with more defiant shades of pinks, oranges, and reds, to create a more “on purpose” effect, like a painted doll, as the name insinuates.

Wanna sport the look? Opt for a shade that compliments your skin tone but still “pops” on your complexion without looking too blended. Apply your liquid blush, blush cream, or powdered blush along your cheekbones and temple, concentrating on where the light would usually catch. Lightly blend outward and into the hairline with a fluffy brush, leaving the more concentrated areas generally intact.

Try these to doll yourself up!