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Vichy Laboratories is a French dermo-cosmetic brand, whose field of expertise extends to multiple categories, covering skincare, makeup, suncare and haircare. The brand was founded in 1931 by Dr Haller, a dermatologist who discovered the skin improving properties of Vichy Volcanic Water.
 Recognized fot its ability to repair and fortify skin’s protective barrier, this minerally-supercharged water is at the foundation of Vichy’s vision of dermo-cosmetics: putting efficacy and safety at the forefront of all our formulations, and dedicating our research and innovation to improve women’s skin visible healthy markers, at every stage of their life.

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SkinConsult AI is our AI-powered skin diagnosis based on data gathered from 15 years of research in skin ageing. Its unique algorithm was developed with dermatologists and with our Exposome medical board, to analyze clinical signs of ageing and ageing accelerating factors. 

This diagnosis offers you an individual skin analysis and information regarding your skin priorities and ageing acceleration factors, as well as a tailored prescription to reach skin’s visible beauty and vitality.

 A better knowledge of your skin gives you the power to act at your best to preserve your youthful capital. Thanks to technology, we make our expertise available to everyone.

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Vichy pioneers exposomescience since 40 years

The concept of exposome was first defined in 2005 by professor Christopher Wild, former Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC) as “The cumulative measure of environmental influences and associated biological responses, including exposures from the environment, diet, behavior and endogenous processes” (1,2).

 When it comes to the skin, our lab research has shown that exposome is the combination of multiple influences: environmental, behavioral and hormonal. And above all,: it’s their cumulative effect that can disrupt the skin’s biological functions and accelerate its ageing. In 2016, we turned these discoveries into a science: Skin Exposome Science.

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DR. delphine kerob

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Vichy global medical director

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