How to Choose the Right Mascara Brush


There’s nothing like a lustrous lash look to complete your makeup, and with so many different types of mascaras out there, it’s hard to know where and how to find the right one that will optimally enhance your natural lashes. We’ve all been there where we’ve tried a few of the “latest” craze mascaras, only to find that they left us looking clumpy, droopy or just overall not feeling like our best selves--and retreating back to our tried-and-true formulas.

So what’s the secret to flaunting a fabulous fanned-out look? The brush! If you’re looking to switch up your mascara look, read on to learn about different types of mascara wands and how they’re designed to amplify your lashes!


1. Classic Bristle Brush

Who It's For: All Lash Types

With its straight, bristled design, the traditional mascara wand is a classic for a reason. It works with all lash types to achieve more volume and length for a more defined look. It’s especially good for magnifying fine or short lashes.

2. Hourglass Brush

Who It's For: Sparse Lashes

This brush, as the name describes, is more tapered in the middle with a bigger width at each end. Its unique design is perfect for those who have more sparse lashes to evenly coat them from root to tip and create more buildable length and volume.

3. Skinny Brush

Who It's For: Short Lashes

Not all lengthening mascaras are created equal, and this is why the skinny mascara wand can prove to be a good go-to for those who have shorter lashes. Its compact design allows it to hug the roots and extend the mascara outwards towards the tip of the lashes, creating a long, defined look.

4. Curved Brush

Who It's For: Long, Straight Lashes

If you’ve got lashes that are long but tend to stick outward instead of upward, the curved mascara wand could be for you. Its c-curve design helps to stick to the lashes and curve them upward, creating a more curled look with length and separation.

5. Bubble Brush

Who It's For: Short, Droopy Lashes

A cousin to the hourglass-shaped mascara brush, the bubble brush offers bristles with various wider and tapered points that can get into the nooks and crannies of your lashes and lift them upward. It also creates more volume at the root to build upon and lengthen and densify your lashes.

6. Plastic Bristled Brush

Who It's For: Thin, Short Lashes

Oftentimes plastic bristled brushes come in the same kind of shape as the traditional bristled brush, but its more comb-like bristles allow for a more separated and defined result, compared to the traditional mascara wand. This makes it ideal for thinner lashes to not only volumize them, but keep them more defined.