Skin Protection in the Snow

Headed to the Snow? 

Try These Tips to Keep Your Skin Protected

Headed to the Snow? 

Try These Tips to Keep Your Skin Protected

1. Moisturize Well Before Hitting the Slopes

The rain has finally started pouring, which means snow enthusiasts across the country can rejoice knowing there are snow-capped mountains waiting for them! It’s a wonderful way to make the most out of the winter season, but have you ever thought of how UV-reflective snow and cold, dry weather can affect your complexion?

No need to worry! We’ve got you covered with these expert-approved tips for a healthy, hydrated and glowing face as you frolic in the frost! Scroll on to learn more!

1. Moisturize well before hitting the slopes

It’s no surprise that one of the most notable effects of higher elevation, less moisture and cold winds is that it dries out your skin. To combat this, opt for a rich moisturizing formula to seal in hydration before you embark on your winter adventures. 

Our picks:

Ceramide NP & Vitamin F work together in this creamy emulsion for all skin types (even sensitive) to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and prevent water loss.

With organic, medicinal Kalanchoe Extract, this rich, non-greasy balm spreads across the skin to deliver a boost of hydration while stimulating the skin’s natural Hyaluronic Acid production.

This lightweight fresh gel-balm penetrates the skin with Aloe Vera & Hyaluronic Acid to replump and rehydrate the skin while boosting its radiance for up to 72H.

2. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

The landscape may look ultra-dreamy all covered in white, but snow’s crystal milky color also makes it highly reflective, exposing your skin to more UV rays. Stay protected from damaging free radicals, premature photoaging and sunburn with a good broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30, if not more, and remember to re-apply often.

Our picks:

Specially created for winter sport enthusiasts, this conveniently-sized tube can go with you on the slopes to offer a high sun protection action with SPF30 sun cream AND a balm stick with SPF15 to keep those lips hydrated and protected, too!
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Eucerin Pigment Control Sun Fluid SPF50+ - Skin Society {{ }}

If you don’t like the heavier texture of a sun cream, this lightweight fluid absorbs quickly into the skin without compromising on protection to offer a durable SPF50+ action and prevent the emergence of sunspots.

3. Recovery is Key

3. Recovery is key

After a day of cold winds, high UV exposure and dry elevations, your skin might need a little extra TLC to compensate its moisture reserves and soothe any irritation. Considering all these factors, your regular skincare regimen may not cut it. Look for restorative and intensive formulas with soothing agents to regain hydration and minimize and redness, sensitivity or discomfort.

Our picks:

This fragrance- and preservative-free balm glides over the complexion to offer redness relief and soothe irritations while hydrating and strengthening the skin barrier for up to 48H.

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Phyto Corrective

Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber and a curated combination of botanicals come together in this serum to clinically reduce redness and recoup the skin’s moisture levels to promote a fresh, clear and soothed complexion.

This 100% plant-derived Squalane dry oil is great for reinforcing the skin’s lipidic barrier and restoring hydration and elasticity to the skin. Bonus: It can also be applied to the hair!

Hypoallergenic and certified organic, this Aloe Vera-rich cream protects the skin against harsh aggressors while nourishing and soothing.