Our Top 6 TikTok Beauty Hacks of 2022 We Wish We Knew About Sooner


It’s no secret that the landscape is changing when it comes to beauty advice, and thanks to viral platforms like TikTok, many beauty enthusiasts are finding their favorite hacks through these short videos – with good reason! If your beauty routine has changed thanks to a viral video, then this article is for you!

We’ve scoured the Internet so you don’t have to and have narrowed it down to our top 6 favorite beauty hacks of 2022, straight from TikTok. Scroll on to learn how to get that perfect makeup look and save time doing it!


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1. Using liquid blush for dark circles & color correction

Chances are you’ve probably come across this viral makeup hack because it actually works! The idea is to mix your liquid or cream blush and liquid concealer formulas for a brighter under eye and to neutralize dark circles. Our verdict: It’s a new beauty staple in our routines!

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2. Freezing your makeup sponge

You probably already know about the benefits of ice to de-puff the skin and soothe any redness, and wetting your makeup sponge achieves a more natural, dewy foundation finish, so why not combine both? Freezing your makeup sponge between 30 minutes and an hour offers a cooling, soothing action on the skin while getting that fresh makeup finish!

Our picks to try it yourself:

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3.Lifting the whole face with concealer

Arguably one of the most celebrated and shared trends of 2022, this viral hack showed us just how useful one concealer formula could be. The trick works by applying your liquid concealer formula in upward angles across strategic areas of the face, including the outer eye, outer lip, cheekbone, etc., creating a “face lift” effect.

Some of our go-to concealers:

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4. Lining the inner lips for more volume

Korean beauty (aka K beauty) has been a pioneer of modern-day makeup trends, and this one mimics that gradient lipstick effect with a more western twist of over-lining or oval-lining the lips. Start by using your go-to lip liner shade in a darker but complementary color to the lipstick you’re planning on applying. Line the outer edges of the lips and then the inner contours of the lips with a triangle shape in the center. Apply your lipstick, blend a little if desired, and your lip look is complete!

Our lip picks:

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5. "Stamping" on your French manicure

TikTok really shaved minutes off our manicure, and we’re here for it! This viral beauty hack achieves a straight and even French tip effect by “stamping” the nails using a makeup sponge. Simply apply your desired color to your sponge and press your nail tips into it!

Some of our nail faves:

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6. Nailing the gradient eyeshadow look

We’ll never do our smoky eyes the same, thanks to this transformative TikTok makeup technique! Start by choosing at least three coordinating eyeshadow shades, applying in swatches from lightest to darkest starting from the inner corner of the eye and working towards the outside. It looks a little crazy at first, but when you grab your fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend the shades together, you achieve the perfect ombré effect!

Some eyeshadow must-haves:

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