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Fusskraft Herbal Bath


Fusskraft Herbal Bath

A foot bath infused with herbs to relieve sore muscles, soften calluses and corns, and combat rough and cracked skin. It effectively limits perspiration and neutralizes odor.

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Softens calluses.
Effective against rough and brittle skin, foot perspiration and foot odor.
Active Ingredients: Urea, emollients, camphor, lavender oil, oil of rosemary, oil of mountain pine, oil of thyme

The well tried combination of active ingredients such as mountain pine oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil with urea helps to alleviate a lot of foot problems. Even persistent calluses, weals and corns are thoroughly softened. Urea also maintains the elasticity of the skin and is mildly antiseptic and deodorizing.

Excessive foot perspiration is normalized and unpleasant foot odor is eliminated and a long-lasting feeling of freshness is ensured. Extra relief can be obtained after the foot bath by massaging the feet with a GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT cream suitable for your skin type.

Dermatologically tested.

• Add 1 tablespoon (approx. 20g) of Gehwol Fusskraft Foot Bath to 4 litres of warm water and bathe the feet for 10-15 minutes. • Use double the amount of Gehwol Foot Bath in severe cases of hard skin and corns.

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