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Yves Saint Laurent

In Love Again - Eau de Toilette

Yves Saint Laurent

In Love Again - Eau de Toilette

This fruity and musky fragrance is reminiscent of days in love with romantic notes of Blackcurrant, Mandarin, Rose, and Peony, like a soft caress from a loved one.

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LOVE… Addiction to love.

IN LOVE AGAIN … Wonderment over and over again with the same freshness as the very first time and awareness of a moment of grace, a wonderful state that you cannot let slip away.

IN LOVE AGAIN is a dream of love: a sparkling ode which expresses the joy of living, laughter, the freshness of new-found youth. YSL created the fragrance of feelings which carry you away, the total surprise of love which leaves you defenseless, struck by a vibrant, quivering and sweet sensation.


There is the early thrill, like a serious shake-up of the senses, produced by blackcurrant and mandarin. Then come the sparkle and tang created by the green, fruity and almost bittersweet notes of Muscat grape. The heart is floral, a delicate harmony of rose and peony. To protect the initial thrill, the subtly fruity and musky base of blackberry comforts the sweetness of this sensation by infinitely perpetuating the joy of living and laughter.

Hold the fragrance 15cm from your body and spray onto your pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, on neck).
A declaration of love to all women, IN LOVE AGAIN was the anniversary fragrance, the first perfume dedicated to women who love color and who love life.

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