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Nourish Shampoo

J.F. Lazartigue

Nourish Shampoo

High nutrition shampoo. Vegan, up to 97% of ingredients of natural origin.

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Enriched with shea, this 250ml shampoo intensely hydrates dry and thick hair to restore suppleness, shine and softness. Its vegan formula, based on 94% of ingredients of natural origin, washes gently, facilitates disentangling and disciplines the hair.

Intense hydration - Radiant shine - Soft and silky touch - Detangling

Its enveloping texture durably softens the hair fiber. On application, it reveals a gourmet fragrance with notes of vanilla, tonka bean and white musk.

Sulphate-free - silicone-free - phenoxyethanol-free - Mineral oil-free - No artificial colors - Vegan - 100% Made in France

Yuka rating: EXCELLENT - 93/100

A dry hair can be recognized by its rough feel and dull shine. This phenomenon occurs when the hair does not receive enough sebum when it is growing. Its hydrolipidic film, which normally constitutes a protective barrier, is then weakened. Vulnerable, the hair fiber is exposed to external aggressions (sun, wind, pollution, hair dryer, straighteners, etc.) and its structure deteriorates. The hair is damaged, it becomes brittle and loses shine. Curly or frizzy hair is particularly sensitive to this phenomenon. Indeed, because of their spiral structure, they have more difficulty than a stiff hair to circulate the sebum from the roots to the ends.

Dry hair has strong deficiencies in fundamental lipids. Only a treatment with lipid-replenishing properties can restore its hydrolipidic film and help it regain its suppleness and shine.

Nourish care shampoo fills the lipid deficiencies of dry and thick hair. The ultra-nourishing virtues of shea butter, made up of 50% vegetable lipids, durably reconstitute the lipid barrier of the most dry hair and hydrate it in depth without weighing it down. Result: delicately cleansed and intensely nourished, the hair is supple, shiny and infinitely soft to the touch. Protected, they are easier to comb and shine with health.

Visible results from the 1st month of use:

78%: the product leaves hair supple *
78%: the product softens the fiber *

* Use test,% satisfaction on 21 volunteers, application 2 to 3 times per week for 28 days


Its vegan formula is silicone-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free and artificial colors free.

Most shampooscontain sulfates or sulfated surfactants. These agents of synthetic origin have foaming, detergent (they dissolve impurities) and emulsifying properties (they promote the mixing of ingredients between them). Despite these properties, their formula with a synthetic composition tends to unbalance the natural environment of the scalp, which has the effect of further drying the hair. To intensely and durably nourish very dry hair, we have chosen to favor agents of natural origin, less aggressive and just as effective. Our beauty shampoos therefore contain a quartet of mild non-sulfated and botanical surfactants, derived from coconut, which gently cleanse the scalp, without attacking it, in order to avoid irritation and drying out.

In application 2 to 3 times per week: Before application, brush the still dry hair to disentangle, eliminate impurities and amplify the action of the shampoo. Apply the product to very wet hair then distribute over the entire hair, starting at the nape of the neck. Gently massage with your fingertips to raise the foam. Rinse thoroughly with water. Our expert's advice: “Even without sulfate, Lazartigue shampoos lather very well. If the foam seems insufficient to you, do not add more product, just add a little more water ”.
Vegan formula, 94% of natural origin, Sulphate-free - silicone-free - phenoxyethanol-free - Mineral oil-free - No artificial colors - 100% Made in France Main natural active ingredients: - Shea butter : Recognized for generations for its nourishing and soothing properties, shea butter is obtained from the nut of a fruit native to tropical Africa. This is then dried, roasted and then churned to obtain a rich and creamy butter composed of 50% lipids which make it possible to permanently reconstitute the hydrolipidic film of the fiber. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, it also provides strength and vigor to dry hair. List of ingredients : AQUA / WATER / EAU, SODIUM LAUROYL GLUTAMATE, DECYL GLUCOSIDE, DIGLYCERIN, SODIUM METHYL COCOYL TAURATE, SODIUM COCOAMPHOACETATE, PROPANEDIOL, DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL4RANCE, CIRICIMALENE GLYCOL4R, CHICOLIMORATE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL4RIDE, CIRICINPYLENE GLYCOL4 (77), HYPROYPRYLENE GLYCOL4 (77), CITROYPRYPRYLENE GLYCOLID, 777PRYLENE GLYCOLIDE, 777PRYLATE, CHROXLENE GLYCOLIDE, 777COLATE, CITROYPRYLENE GLYCOLIDE 77 / C10-30 ALKYL ACRYLATE CROSSPOLYMER, XANTHAN GUM, SODIUM BENZOATE, GLYCERIN, ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN, SODIUM HYDROXIDE, BUT YROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA BUTTER) EXTRACT, POTASSIUM SOCOPORBATE, TOCORBATE Texture: Fluid cream Scent: A gourmet trail with notes of vanilla and tonka bean, underlined by a veil of white musk. ECO-DESIGN & RECYCLING The packaging of your Nourish shampoo is environmentally friendly: - 98% recycled * and 100% recyclable * bottle - Screen-printed bottle, without plastic label * Due to the 2% coloring

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