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Overnight Beauty Aid Recovering Overnight Face Mask


Overnight Beauty Aid Recovering Overnight Face Mask

This overnight facial care offers a caring layer of hydration to the skin as you sleep, leaving it more radiant, smooth and soft upon waking.

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This mask is applied as a cream before bed and rests on the skin leaving a light and pleasant layer.

It has continuous effect at night and provides the skin of the face with extra care for hours. The mask squalete intensely moisturizes the skin, leaving it looking fresh, flexible and shiny the next morning.

For particularly intense care, a facial steam room is recommended before applying the face mask at night. The heat of the steam opens the pores so that the skin is ready to perfectly absorb the face mask.

Its formula is enriched with ingredients for the steam bath such as essential oils, but also relaxes the senses.


Apply onto perfectly cleansed skin before bed.

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