Phyto5 Le Gommage Marin Face Exfoliation


A natural marine peeling with a fresh gel texture for a light facial exfoliation.

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A natural marine peeling with a fresh gel texture for a light facial exfoliation.

• Apply a small amount of PHYTO 5 Gommage Marin to your dampened face with your fingertips and gently massage the emulsion with circular movements. • Rinse thoroughly with water and apply a PHYTO 5 lotion and PHYTO 5 day or PHYTO 5 night cream. • Tip: Phyto 5 Marin Visage can also be used in the shower. Frequency of use: • For normal skin: once a week. • For thick and/or oily skin: twice a week.
Unique ingredients are: • Jojoba oil beads: This vegetal oil is moisturizing with a non-greasy touch. Because of its unsaponifiable components (precious components found in some oils with softening, revitalizing and moisturizing properties), it spreads easily. Jojoba oil penetrates the epidermis easily without leaving any film, mainly because its characteristics are very close to those of the skin’s natural sebum. It is also an antioxidant with anti-aging properties and revitalizes and nourishes skin and hair. Jojoba beads are small, odorless and colorless spheres offering a soft exfoliating function and feel. They do not irritate or scratch the skin. • Rice powder: Rice powder contains ferulic acid and allantoin providing assistance to the skin as a natural sunscreen. As an anti-inflammatory agent, rice powder also soothes burned skin. Rice powder provides the skin with a cooling effect and promotes circulatory energy thereby helping to lessen the appearance of bags and circles under the eyes. Slightly coarse in texture, it is an excellent material for facial exfoliation helping fine particles of flaky dead skin cells to easily leave the skin. Rice absorbs sebum, leaving the skin clean, smooth and re-energized. It is known to be a traditional skin lightening remedy. Amino acids and vitamins present in the grain act to clear and control the shine of the skin. Rice powder is used to treat blemishes as well as fine lines heralding the first signs of aging of the skin. It also helps retain skin’s elasticity and firmness. • Algae extract: Very rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, this blue green algae extract (Spirulina platensis) is stimulating, anti-inflammatory and very moisturizing. It is also an antioxidant, supports circulatory energy, and mineralizes and revitalizes the skin. As a result, it strengthens the skin. All these properties make it a potent anti-aging ingredient.

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